Media Portrayal of Adoption Perpetuate Stereotypes

Media. Everyone uses it. TV, news, Facebook, music, movies, books, etc. Recently I watched a movie on adoption (which one is not important).

I was not pleased with the movie because it portrayed adoption as something to feel ashamed about. Something to be hidden. Something to be forgotten about and pushed aside.

I don’t like this view on adoption. Maybe this is how it is for a few people (I hope it is not that way). I feel the media is using a “Jurassic age” idea of adoption into their portrayals. Adoption should be portrayed as it is now for the majority of people.

Unfortunately, TV and movies are often how most people learn about adoption. Without proper portrayal, people are going to continue to perpetuate the stereotype of birthmoms—crazy, drug ridden, psycho birthmoms, instead of well-adjusted women making what she feels is the best choice for her child.

I have been surprised at the number of times people have asked me about the girls who went away. If they don’t know me very well they ask how I hid it from everyone. I get asked why I chose to “give away” (*cringe*)  my birthdaughter. I try so hard not to chuckle— or scream. I just calmly answer their question or redirect them to the truth about modern adoptions.

While there are negative experiences in adoption, and sadly, some who are coerced or feel forced; for the most part, birthmoms make the choice on their own. Most birthmoms have a great adoption. Most birthmoms say while they do grieve at times, they don’t regret their decision.

The media needs to educate themselves so they in turn can start portraying adoptions the way they need to be portrayed.