8 Ways to Dress Well During Pregnancy for Less

Beautiful pregnant woman in the autumn park

For many expectant moms, buying clothes to fit a new shape and weight is challenging and frustrating. Not to mention, maternity clothes can be expensive! Why spend so much on a whole new wardrobe that will only be worn a few months? Here are a few tips to dress well, in your own style, and for less during your pregnancy.

  1. Buy Used

    Consignment sales or stores are a great place to start your shopping before going to buy full price items. Online selling sites within local Facebook groups or Craigslist are another great resource to find what you need. Schoola is an online second hand shop that not only has brand name maternity for cheap, but a percentage of the sale goes to school funding!

  2. Shop at Discount Stores

    Old Navy and Target are great options to buy new maternity clothes. However, you’ll find a better selection of styles and sizes online. It can be tricky to know what size to order without being able to try it on, but you can always exchange or return it. You might get an idea of what size you are in the store before ordering other styles online. Old Navy’s jeans tend to fit all shapes well, plus they have many additional sizes including short and tall. Both Target and Old Navy often have coupons or great sales to bring the price even lower. Zulily is an additional great online discount resource.

  3. Key Pieces to Mix and Match

    It is a good idea to have a few key basics to mix and match. Two pairs of maternity jeans, a skirt, leggings, and some shirts can go a long way creating new outfits. Buy a few good solid color t-shirts for whatever season you are in. You can always add a sweater and a scarf if you are heading into winter or a fun necklace to accent during summer.

  4. It Doesn’t Have to be Maternity

    It doesn’t have to be labeled maternity to wear it during pregnancy. If it fits, wear it. Roll top or elastic waists can be found in regular women’s clothes and will often accommodate a growing belly for the whole pregnancy. Leggings and maxi-skirts are cheap, comfortable, and will last you during pregnancy and beyond! Right now long tunics and baggier shirts are in style, this is an advantage to your belly and your wallet. Also, if your jeans still fit except for the button, try the rubber band trick to make them fit a little longer.

  5. Shop the Off Season

    There can be some amazing deals to find in the clearance section! For example, if fall is just beginning, the summer short sleeve shirts and dresses may be marked down. Pair those with a sweater you already own, maternity jeans or leggings, and tall boots and you have a fall worthy outfit for cheap. Plus, being pregnant is kind of like carrying around a radiator, so you may want short sleeve anyway to be able to layer as needed.

  6. Always Wear an Undershirt

    Why? Because as your belly grows, your shirts seem to shrink too. A long undershirt gives an extra layer to extend the length of your shirt to keep your belly from showing. Old Navy makes a great, extra-long stretchy tank. Buy a few to keep on hand in between washes—they don’t cost much!

  7. Give Yourself Room to Grow

    It is always a good idea to buy a little larger so you have room to grow in the coming months. Of course, you don’t want it to be oversized and falling off, but enough space that it will be flattering both now and later.

  8. Don’t Forget Fun Accessories

    Maintaining your personal style can be easy when you add the right pieces. Accessories can be new or something you already own that speaks to who you are. Comfortable flats, strappy sandals, flat bottomed boots, fun patterned scarves, or bright bags can pull together an outfit that points to your taste and not just your bump.

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