Is Infertility Treatment Right for Me?

Couple looking at home pregnancy test considering infertility treatment.

Choosing to begin infertility treatments is a deeply private and personal choice. It can also be an emotional rollercoaster. But, with appropriate medical intervention, a positive support system, and given the right timing; it can be successful for many couples. If you’ve thought about getting some extra help, read on to consider several important points that will help you decide if infertility treatment is right for you.

1. You have been trying to conceive for six months-one year.

Many gynecologists and infertility specialists tell their patients that making a baby can take time and is all about the right timing. In fact, it can take healthy couples one year on average to get pregnant. But, if you are over the age of 35 and have been trying to conceive for six months with no luck; you should be seen by a specialist sooner.

2. You and your partner live a healthy lifestyle.

If you are a healthy weight and lead a healthy lifestyle; you are a better candidate for infertility treatments. Being overweight, consuming alcohol, or smoking cigarettes can lead to fertility issues. You can get on the right track by taking a multi-vitamin, exercising daily, and eating a well-balanced diet rich in anti-oxidants and nutrients.

3. You understand and acknowledge your chances.

Every woman’s body is unique. So is her partner’s. It has special needs and certain procedures are going to work better than others. It is important that you have an honest and sincere conversation with your doctor so they can break down your chances of conception with each procedure. When you go into a procedure with all the information you need, you can be realistic about its results.

4. You have an emotional outlet.

Before you undergo any kind of procedure, you should have a support system in place. Sometimes a procedure will work on the first try. Other times, it can take a couple several tries (or more). Sometimes a procedure will not be successful at all. It is normal for a woman to go through a variety of emotions and talking to a professional counselor can help. When choosing a fertility specialist, inquire to determine if they have a counselor on staff so you don’t feel like you are going through the treatments alone and can have someone close by to vent to or confide in.

5. You are financially stable.

Infertility treatments can become expensive. You may be fortunate enough to have an insurance company that will cover all or some of the costs associated with certain procedures. But, if you do not have this luxury, you will need to pay for each procedure you undergo. If you are lacking funds, you can apply for a loan or meet with the doctor’s financial team. They can offer financing and provide you with a comprehensive list of estimates of procedures so you know what you need to pay ahead of time, or begin saving for.

A baby is a precious gift and there’s no right or wrong way to bring one into the world. Explore all your options and undergo treatment that feels most comfortable for you.


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