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Latest News & Blogs

By: Rachel Garlinghouse
Rachel's picture When talking about adoption with your children and others, how do you know what and when to share details of their story? Do you wonder what your adopted child wants you to know? Adoptive parent Rachel Garlinghouse interviews adoptee Christina Romo who offers adoptive parent help and advice when it comes to answering these questions.   Meet Christina Romo, a self-described “not so angry Asian adoptee,” who blogs about adoption and works for a national adoption organization. She’s a mom of two, wife, writer, and volunteer who enjoys music and photography. Rachel: Tell me a bit... Read More
By: Madeleine Melcher
Madeleine Melcher's picture We all know Rachel Garlinghouse here as The Adoption.NET Adoption Coach but there are so many reasons she was asked to take on the title. According to her blog, Rachel Garlinghouse is, “a Christian, wife to Superman, mother (x3) via domestic/open/transracial adoption” and author of Come Rain or Come Shine: A White Parent's Guide to Adopting and Parenting Black Children, and her latest, a darling children’s title, Black Girls Can: An Empowering Story of Yesterdays and Todays. Rachel offers so much adoption information to so many, I thought everyone might want to learn a little more... Read More
By: Julie Corby
Julie Corby's picture If you're considering adoption, you probably have questions. What are adoptive parent requirements? Where can I get adoptive parent training? What are my adoptive parent responsibilities? While these questions are a good place to start, there is more to know before adopting a child. As the mother of a transracial family via international adoption, Julie Corby offers this adoptive parent guide with additional things to consider as you build your family through adoption. What is it like to be the parent of an adoptive child? For us, a transracial family, formed through international... Read More