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By: Terri Gake
TerriGake's picture Having a closed adoption has been difficult for me in many ways. Although the laws have changed since I first placed my baby for adoption, I had no say in whether or not my adoption would be open or closed. There were no degrees of openness to choose from; it was all closed. One aspect that has been particularly hard is letting my children in on my unplanned pregnancy and subsequent adoption. When an adoption is open, the option is available for a child to remain a part of the birthmother’s life, and it’s natural for the birthmother to tell any parented children about the adopted... Read More
By: Rachel Garlinghouse
Rachel's picture A few evenings ago, I flipped on the television to let my children watch Jake and the Neverland Pirates while I prepared dinner. Immediately, Michael Brown’s face filled the screen, the television having been left on a news station. My five-year-old piped up, “Who is that Mommy? He’s brown like me!” My children are unaware of the death of Michael Brown, though it hasn’t been easy shielding them from the gruesome details, the emotional turmoil, and the aftermath. We live just twenty-five miles from Ferguson, Missouri. Our local news and radio stations have been reporting non-stop... Read More
By: Rachel Garlinghouse
Rachel's picture Like many adoptive-moms-to-be, I struggled at times with feelings of isolation, indifference and frustration. I didn’t belong to most “mommy clubs”— the clubs where moms circled around one another and talked about stretch marks and which features of their children came from their husbands. But like many mothers, I wanted to be prepared when my baby arrived with bottles washed, clothing folded, crib put together, and the nursery painted.  One rite-of-passage for moms is the baby shower. Yes, the time when you open presents for everyone to ‘ooo-and-ahhh!!’ over, eat super-sugary,... Read More