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By: Julie Corby
Julie Corby's picture A recent article by writer David Cray reports that the number of foreign children adopted by American parents declined by 18% last year. China remains the country with the most children adopted, but adoptions from Russia, normally third (after Ethiopia) in amount of children adopted, sank sharply due to a recent ban by the Russian government against American adoptive families. Ethiopia had 993 adoptions to the U.S last year, down from 1,568 adoptions in 2012. It would be nice to think that this slow down in foreign adoptions is due to an upswing in domestic foster care adoptions,... Read More
By: Carrie Goldman
Carrie's picture We adopted our daughter K ten years ago. At that time, my online presence was basically nonexistent, with the exception of email. I did not use text messaging. I did not have a Facebook account. I had no clue what the phrase "social media" meant, nor did I know what a blog was. My phone couldn’t do much beyond make and receive calls. The only websites I knew were cnn.com and adoption.com. During the months that baby K was in foster care in another state, my husband and I would visit her each weekend. Every Friday night, we headed straight to O’Hare, caught a plane to her state,... Read More
By: Rachel Garlinghouse
Rachel's picture   Angela Tucker is a twenty-eight year old social worker, wife, and transracial adoptee. In 2013, she opted to share her journey to find her biological family with the public through film. The cleverly and simply titled documentary Closure, was directed by her husband Bryan. Recently, I had the pleasure of viewing the film and interviewing Angela. The film is deeply moving and thought-provoking, not only for adoptees, but for all triad members, their families, and adoption professionals. Rachel:  Why did you decide to turn your search for your biological family into a documentary... Read More