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Latest News & Blogs

By: Rachel Garlinghouse
Rachel's picture When we were waiting to adopt for the first time, we joined an agency that had just opened a new office. We were the very first couple to start waiting, quickly followed by a second couple. We were hopeful and excited. But our excitement quickly faded when we learned that the second couple had been almost immediately chosen by an expectant mother. Why not us? Were our pictures not good enough? Was it that we didn’t have pets? Were our careers too boring? What was wrong with us?!? And then it happened again. We waited fourteen months for our first child. The couple who was chosen... Read More
By: Jessenia Arias
iamadopted's picture When it comes to learning where they came from, there are questions every adopted child wants answered. What adoptive parent resources are available for opening a dialogue about origins and adoption? Adoptee Jessenia Arias offers adoptive parent help for having these important conversations and recommends four children's books on telling your child he or she was adopted. Books are a great help for explaining adoption to your child. I was told I was adopted when I was about 13-years–old. I did not understand what was being shared with me, nor could I grasp the concept that I had... Read More
By: Rachel Garlinghouse
Rachel's picture Do you have open adoption questions? Is open adoption good? How does an open adoption work? What is an open adoption agreement or open adoption contract? Where can I find adoptive parent resources on the open adoption experience? Rachel Garlinghouse asks adoptive parent and author Lori Holden about the benefits and pitfalls, and the long-term effects of open adoption.  I’m a mom of three children, all of whom were adopted at birth. After careful consideration and education, we decided that open adoption was our preference. Seven years into our adoption journey, we have three open... Read More