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Latest News & Blogs

By: Janel Indingaro
jjindingaro's picture To parent or not to parent, that is the question. If ‘not to parent’ is chosen, the question ‘to abort’ or ‘to place’ is the next question. Finally, the decision is made to carry this child and then to place this child with a loving and able family. Who would have thought having to explain your decision a thousand times would come next. At times, having to defend yourself and the choice you made for YOU and YOUR CHILD feels like a headache and heartbreak. Eighteen years ago, when I placed my child for adoption, many questions were asked. However, eighteen years later I believe... Read More
By: Kristen Nicole
KristenNicole's picture Last year when my family and I went on vacation, we chose a place that was far less culturally diverse than our town. This year, however, we went to a more diverse beach town and I expected a different experience. It was different to a degree, but the stares and looks never go away. On our vacation, I was hoping for more diversity for our son and not as many stares as our previous vacation. He is 2 years old and I think it is important for him and his sister to be exposed to as much diversity as possible. Well, the beach did not offer a whole lot of diversity. We did see two... Read More
By: Leah Outten
Leah Outten's picture I was 16 when I found myself pregnant and decided on an open adoption for my daughter, Anna. However, just two and a half years later, I was pregnant again at 19. That time around, I chose to claim the title "Mom." To outsiders, my situation might have seemed identical to the first since I was still young, but it wasn't the same. I had graduated from high school and was working on my college education. I had met an amazing, loving man, and he didn't run away when those two lines appeared! That support from him was crucial with my second pregnancy. We knew we were ready to face the... Read More