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Latest News & Blogs

By: Rachel Garlinghouse
Rachel's picture   With school getting ready to start, should I tell my child’s teacher that my child was adopted?   Dear Reader: This is a question I’ve had myself a few years ago when one of my children started preschool, and I believe it’s a very common concern among adoptive parents. My friends who are fellow adoptive parents as well as some of my friends who are teachers, have varying opinions. Some parents feel that their child being adopted is a non-issue and doesn’t need to be disclosed to the child’s teacher. Other parents feel that sharing is a way to assist the child and teacher in... Read More
By: Kristen Nicole
KristenNicole's picture The phone rang about a week ago. It was a number we didn’t recognize, so we didn’t pick up. Next thing we know, we are hearing our daughter’s birthmother’s voice on our answering machine. We were all very surprised. Our daughter was excited and asked to call her back later that night. We called back, but she didn’t pick up. A few days later, our daughter asked to call again. This time her birthmom picked up. I had her on speaker phone and told her that M wanted to talk to her. My daughter is always chatty, and this time was no exception. She wasn’t shy or nervous at all. She told... Read More
By: Janel Indingaro
jjindingaro's picture Should I do this, or should I not? What if this happens, what if that happens? Is this wrong, is it right? Will I regret it, hate it, or maybe love it? Will I get through it? These are some of the things that went through my mind while preparing a plan for the life of my unborn child. Questions that had not yet turned into fear, thoughts that had not become real. Reality did not come to me while in the delivery room, watching her mom and dad hold her while laughing and talking with me in my hospital room. Reality, for me, did not come until I met with a caseworker in my hospital... Read More