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Latest News & Blogs

By: Terri Gake
TerriGake's picture Once upon a time I had a boyfriend, thought I knew what love was, got pregnant, and lost the boyfriend. The end. Or was it really the beginning? After Boyfriend stopped acknowledging I was alive, I stopped having my periods. I knew what was going on, but still tried to maintain the appearance that all was well. I finally figured out that trying to hide it from my mom was impossible since she still did all the shopping. Then one day, she cornered me and asked me a bunch of pointed questions until she got to the truth. From there, things went downhill. Once my mother and grandmother... Read More
By: John Simmons
John Simmons's picture Strange. I never saw one of them cry. I mean, I should have… I visited the orphanages filled with school-aged children and teens dozens of times. I saw them laugh. I watched them play. I heard them yell. I even broke up a scuffle. But I never saw one of them cry. Maybe whatever makes children cry was broken. Inside. Deep, down inside. What could break something that fundamental? Was it worn out? I guess that’s possible. How much would a child cry for a lost family; a lost mother? If crying happens because of frustration and anger, these children, I’m sure, had cried plenty.... Read More
By: Rachel Garlinghouse
Rachel's picture Confused and overwhelmed by the slew of hair products you see sitting on store shelves?  You aren’t alone. Packaging boasts of words such as: natural, organic, green, healthy, sulfate-free, fragrance-free, eco-friendly. The packaging colors, mostly lots of blues and greens, and graphics, which include a lot of green leaves and water droplets, enforce messages of health and cleanliness.  How is a parent to decide which products are best to purchase for their children? Arnica Rowan, owner of Africa Sleeps (hair and skin products) and mother of two girls adopted from Ethiopia, and... Read More